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    Life Coaching

    There are many types of coaching! These are a few of the coaching specializations we offer:

    Professional Coaching

    Helping you discover and grow what you have inside you is how we approach coaching. Accountability and encouragement are two ways we help you to help yourself. You know what is best for you and looking at choices in different ways can help open up possibilities and ideas. Don’t delay! Start today to transform your world! 

    Financial Coaching

    Far too many in the world today are living check to check and are drowning under a mountain of debt. Financial Coaching can help people learn how to budget and take steps to cultivate hope for the future.

    People in all walks of life are wrestling with what it means to develop a healthy financial plan of action. Couples who are contemplating marriage, people who have been married for years and singles who are trying to figure out how to make life work with only one source of income. These are all situations that can benefit from Financial Coaching.

    Financial Coaching teaches people to learn what it takes to get out of debt and stay out of debt; it helps people to learn the importance of controlling their money rather than allowing it to control them. 


    Life Coaching

    Develop habits and skills to help you achieve your goals. Work with a life coach to help gain insight, have accountability, and move yourself forward.

    Our staff can coach you on any area where you’d like to have more clarity, purpose, progress or fulfillment. This may include, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Making better decisions
    • Simplifying your life
    • Addressing transitions
    • Discovering and developing Passions
    • Developing a closer walk with God
    • Getting unstuck and moving forward
    • Building communication skills
    • Improving relationships
    • Finding a life purpose
    • Getting free of self-sabotaging behavior and destructive self-talk
    • Setting and reaching specific goals in ministry or career

    Parenting Coaching

    Being a parent isn’t easy and sometimes we can use some help along the way. The digital world is new and requires new parenting skills. We can help you navigate through the different ages and stages of your children. Learn better ways to manage stress and anxiety and provide peace and security for your children. Check out for articles and videos to support you as a parent.

    Problematic Internet Use

    How do I manage my internet usage? How can I help my children manage their internet usage? Am I or is my family member struggling with an internet porn addiction? Find support and solutions for problematic internet use and regain balance in your life.

    Recovery Coaching

    Recovery coaching addresses maintaining long term recovery in practical ways.

    Grief and Loss

    Find support and healing after the loss of a loved one.

    Christian Coaching

    Christian Coaching is a partnership of three: client, God in the center and coach. With your input and the Spirit’s direction, I will ask questions that will challenge you to dig deeper and make perspective-changing realizations about yourself, your relationships and/or your future. I will encourage you to discover God’s vision for your life and move from following your own agenda to pursuing God’s purposes.

    All coaching involves making changes. Following the Holy Spirit’s leading is the key to lasting transformation and often means changes in attitudes, thinking, perceptions or behavior. As you take action to reshape yourself based on what you’ve learned through the Spirit-led coaching process, you will move toward increased self-confidence, clearer direction and greater fulfillment.  


    Kevin is a Certified Professional Life Coach and a second degree Blackbelt in Tukong Martial Arts. He has been a Sensei since 2015.

    Kevin’s heart and ministry grew from the ways God has worked in his own life as he’s raised a special needs child, faced difficult parenting challenges and grappled with mental health issues with friends and family members. He knows that it is possible to live a full life despite challenging circumstances. His heart is to walk with men through the challenges of life and help them discover and realize their potential and purpose.

    It is important to note that although we offer both Life Coaching as well as Counseling services, they are, in fact, distinct services. Life Coaching is not a mental health service and is not covered by health insurance and has it’s own separate rate structure. Counseling and Substance Abuse services may be covered by most insurance companies, Medicare or private pay. We look forward to helping you decide what services are most appropriate for your situation. Each individual or family has unique needs and we gear our treatment services to that specific person, family and situation.

    Ages Coached:

         Teens, Young and Adult Men

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